I am a big-time milkshake lover, and as I am born and raised in Washington DC, I know some cool dining places in Washington DC to enjoy milkshakes.

There are so many dining places around DC that serve some of the best milkshakes in America. From classic milkshakes to fruit, boozy, and vegan, you will find ’em all in Washington, DC.

If you are also staying in Washington DC or you are here as a tourist and want to know about the best milkshakes in Washington, DC then today in this article, I have shared some cool places with y’all.

Best Milkshakes in Washington DC

Top 5 Best Milkshakes Places in Washington DC

Below I have listed the 5 Best milkshake places around DC, so, sit back, relax, and find out the best places to have amazing milkshakes experience with us.

Good Stuff Eatery

Good Stuff Eatery is a very popular dining place in DC, for milkshakes lover, this place gonna be a real heaven for you.

Good Stuff Eatery is very well known for its toasted marshmallow and apple pie milkshakes. If you are looking to enjoy some unique flavors milkshakes then this place should be on your go-to list.

Along with unique flavors of milkshakes, you will find some classic milkshakes as well, such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Oreo, Strawberry, etc.

Not in the mood to visit the place physically but still wanna enjoy their unique style of milkshakes? then take the advantage of their delivery services that deliver the order right to your home.

Shake Shack

As the name already suggests, Shake Shack is another fast food chain in Washington, D.C and they are mainly known for their milkshakes.

I have tried multiple shakes personally at Shake Shack and the experience was great as usual. If you are going there then I highly recommend you to try their vanilla and chocolate shakes, you will not regret it.

Along with classic milkshake flavors, you can also try their seasonal flavors. I have tried their pumpkin pie and peppermint chocolate, you can also give it a try if you are in the mood of trying something unique in flavor.

And they are only limited to milkshakes, you can enjoy other breakfast items as well. I once tried their pizza omelet and it was decent. However, they have a big menu and you can order according to your taste.

Ted’s Bulletin

Another popular milkshake spot in Washington, D.C is Ted’s Bulletin, if you are into thick and creamy milkshakes then definitely you should try Ted’s bulletin. They are very popular for their creamy delicious milkshakes made with real ice cream.

I have tried almost all flavors of milkshake at Ted’s bulletin, and my favorite two are cookies and cream, and peanut butter.

Their milkshakes are topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

Along with milkshakes, you can also try desserts there, they have plenty of desserts option available there. My favorite dessert at Ted’s Bulletin is doughnuts.

The ambiance is really nice and very welcoming. If you are with friends or family and looking for dining then this place can be one of your options.

Ice Cream Jubilee


Ice Cream Jubilee is a popular ice cream shop in DC and is one of the best places to enjoy quality milkshakes.

They have several outlets in the D.C. area, including in Navy Yard, Logan Circle, and Ballston.

They serve milkshakes with their unique ice cream flavors which I am sure that you will definitely like.

I have gone to their Navy Yard location and tried their Banana Bourbon Caramel milkshake and mind you it was one of the best milkshake experiences in Washinton, DC.

If you are not sure which flavor to try at Ice Cream Jubilee, then here are my recommended flavors, Banana Bourbon Caramel, Thai Iced Tea, Cookies, and Cookie Dough.

If you are lactose intolerant then good news for you, they serve dairy-free options as well, which are usually made with coconut milk.

The overall vibe there is very fun and chilling.

Melt Bakery

Whenever I feel craving for an ice cream sandwich, I usually go to Melt Baker to enjoy their amazing ice cream sandwich, but let me tell you along with the ice cream sandwich, Melt Baker also serves very tasty milkshakes.

This place was originally started in New York City, now they have their shop in different states.

If you are going there during the fall, then I highly recommend you try their Pumpkin flavor milkshake, it is simply a bomb. During winter you can try their Peppermint flavor, I have tried both of these seasonal flavors and they just taste awesome.

The space is small but very cozy and pleasing atmosphere. If you are having a dull day then just go there and try their quick milkshake or ice cream sandwich, you will not regret it.

So these were the top 5 best milkshakes in Washington DC. If you are in the D.C. area then just try these places and you will love them.

What things to look for in Best Milkshakes

As I already stated above that I am a big-time milkshake lover, so here are some tips I am giving you about what few things to look for in great milkshakes.


A milkshake should be creamy and thick, with a rich texture obviously. It should not be very thick that you can not drink it with a straw. The consistency should be moderately thick that you can drink the straw.

Proper Flavors

Another thing that I look for in a milkshake is how rich the shake is in terms of flavors. If you are not feeling the taste of the flavor that you ordered then it is simply not good.

However, at the same time, the flavor shouldn’t be very sweet, it also ruins the experience but it shouldn’t be bland as well. There should be a proper balance of everything and that defines the great milkshake.


Presentation to me is very important in a milkshake, it defines the whole vibe of a milkshake, right? when I order a milkshake, I make sure that I am getting a proper presentation, I know taste matters but the presentation also plays a vital role.

It is always a plus point to have a milkshake topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, or a cherry.

Quality ingredients

Ingredients used in milkshakes should be of high quality, if you are ordering from a reputed place then you don’t have to worry about quality ingredients, most reputed shops or fast-food chains usually use quality ingredients.

The quality of ingredients used in milkshakes makes a big difference in overall taste, texture, and vibe.

Should be served Cold

A good milkshake should always be served cold so that it can be refreshing.

However, it shouldn’t be extra cold that you are getting brain freeze, it should be slightly below room temperature.

If it is extra cold then you can not really feel the flavor, so it should be decently cold so that all flavors can come through.

That’s it for now

So that’s it for now, I hope our best milkshakes in Washington DC guide helped you in selecting the best milkshake spot around the D.C. area. We have several such guides, you can check all our guides on American City Diner.

By David McGill

David McGill who is the owner of the American City Diner blog is a big-time foodie, professionally he is a software developer who works at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, Washington. In his free time, he tries different food recipes in his home, and whenever he gets a chance he tries to visit and review restaurants across the state.

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