Many people want to know what are the best short ribs substitutes, so here I am today sharing the best substitutes for short ribs that you should definitely try.

I know there are lots of short ribs lovers out there, and not gonna lie, out of all ribs, short ribs are my personal favorite because of their rich flavor.

I myself use short ribs in my various dishes, it really makes the overall dish more healthy and appealing.

Whenever I cook short ribs, I always make sure to make them tender and juicy by slow cooking them, believe me, it becomes more satisfying to eat when slow-cooked.

I know there are lots of folks like me who also love short ribs but do you know there are some amazing short ribs substitutes in the market?

Well, this article is all about me sharing substitutes for short ribs, so just so sit back, relax, and keep reading this article till the end.

But before I begin to tell you what are the best substitutes for short ribs, let’s first discuss what actually is short ribs and why people love to eat them.

What is a short rib? And why people love eating it

Short ribs as the name already suggests, it is the lower ribs of a cow that is cut through and cooked for eating purposes.

You can also say it is a type of beef cut, which are short in length, they are cut in a way that they become short than normal beef ribs.

Short ribs are often cut in two styles, 1) English style:- In English cutting style, short ribs are cut parallel to the bone to make it more tender and meatier, and 2) Flanken style:- this cutting style includes cutting short ribs across the bone so that the meat comes out in a strip that has small bones in it.

The short rib is very rich in fat and protein, it really adds up the overall taste of any dish that has short ribs in it.

People often like to eat short ribs with their meat soup, I myself add short ribs to soup and stews, it just makes the overall flavor and feel of the dish very pleasing and tasty.

So, now let’s begin with the best substitutes for short ribs, shall we?

1) Chuck Roast- My Personal Favorite Short Ribs Substitute

best substitutes for short ribs

I get that substituting short ribs is difficult, the texture and taste of short ribs are so good that it is very hard to find out the best possible substitute, right? well not really. 😉

Chuck Roast is my personal favorite substitute for short ribs because it also has the same texture and flavor as short ribs.

While short ribs are the lower ribs of cows that are cut in two styles, whereas the chuck roast is basically the shoulder area of the cow.

It is a cut that comes from the shoulder of the cow and just like short ribs, chuck roast too has lots of marbling that give the flavorful dish.

An important tip while substituting:

Make sure that you are cooking chuck roast for a longer time as compared to short ribs, chuck roast demands longer cooking time so that it can give almost the same texture and tenderness as short ribs.

2) Beef Shank – A healthier substitute for short ribs

best substitutes for short ribs

Many people ask me to tell you a healthier substitute for short ribs that is less in fat, so here you go. Beef shank is the best substitute for those who are health conscious and do not want to consume extra fat but want to get the same tenderness as short ribs.

A beef shank is a cut that is made on the lower leg of the cow, just like short ribs, it needs to be slow-cooked.

The best thing is it is a very budget-friendly option and is cheaper than short ribs. Also, you can easily get your hands on beef shank, whereas short ribs are more expensive and not so easily available in the market.

I myself use beef shank on my soup and stews when I want to eat something less in fat, it is a very good healthy option for fitness freaks and those who are looking for a budget alternative to short ribs.

Just keep in mind, it is a tough cut, it requires slow cooking to become rich in texture and full of flavor.

3) Beef Brisket

Beef brisket is more like a beef breast, it is obtained from a cut made in the breast section of cows. It is way bigger in size than a normal short rib but it is a great short rib substitute because it also has the same fat and meat ratio as short ribs.

If you are having a gather of large number then beef brisket can be a good option because it is of bigger size and can be sufficient for feeding more people.

I personally suggest you smoke the brisket, it really gives it a very delicious flavor.

However, to make it the best substitute, just cook it in the same way you cook short ribs.

Beef brisket is also full of meat, and its tenderness is also very much similar to short ribs, however, the size is the differentiating factor between both of them.

You can use beef brisket on the same dishes where you use short ribs and believe me it tastes incredibly good.

4) Pork Ribs

Just like short ribs comes from the cut in the lower ribs of cows, the same way pork ribs are obtained from the cut made in the lower ribs of pork.

However, in terms of taste, pork ribs aren’t exactly the same as short ribs, because pork ribs are usually sweeter and milder in taste.

To perfectly substitute pork ribs, I would suggest you to add seasoning to make it taste exactly like short ribs.

Pork ribs aren’t my favorite substitute but it is also an option that you can try.

However, I would suggest you cook pork ribs the same way you cook short ribs, which means you need to slow-cook them to get the same tenderness and texture.

One thing that I really like about pork ribs is they don’t have many bones and that makes them easier to work with. Unlike short ribs, you don’t need to spend time separating bones from meat.

5) Lamb Ribs

There was a time when I started eating lamb ribs every other day just because of how good they taste.

I don’t really cook lamb ribs the typical way but I do it my way, and that is by grilling it.

It might sound strange but believe me, you will love it when you grill lamb ribs.

However, you can cook it just like you cook short ribs as well and it will taste quite delicious either way.

Lamb’s ribs are popular for having a milder flavor, so if you love mild flavors then you will definitely prefer lamb ribs over short ribs

Just make sure that you are adding appropriate seasoning, it will be the deciding factor in how good your lamb ribs will taste.

Also, one tip from me, cook it slow to make it flavorful. If you want to know the full recipe for lamb ribs then check out the below video.

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Conclusion | Best substitutes for short ribs

So, let’s wrap it up. I know short ribs are very delicious and it’s a little hard to find the best substitute for short ribs but not anymore, all short rib substitutes I listed in this article are very delicious and very similar to short ribs.

So, if you are short ribs lover, and want to know about other options that tastes as good as short ribs then don’t forget to try our mentioned substitutes, you will love them for sure.

By David McGill

David McGill who is the owner of the American City Diner blog is a big-time foodie, professionally he is a software developer who works at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, Washington. In his free time, he tries different food recipes in his home, and whenever he gets a chance he tries to visit and review restaurants across the state.

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