I always used to get confused between KFC Original vs Extra Crispy, I always used to think what are the real differences between KFC Original and KFC Extra Crispy then one day I ate them side by side and finally figured out some real-world differences, so you also want to know about all those differences? well, if yes then keep reading this article.

KFC is one of my favorite food haunts. It is the go-to place whenever I have a craving for some delicious chicken. Along with the signature KFC original chicken, KFC has been offering a variety of other dishes too. Extra Crispy is one such chicken variant. 

While both KFC’s original chicken and extra crispy are equally tempting and super delicious, you might be curious about why they are different. Keep reading this to understand the differences between your favorite delectable dishes.

Are KFC Original and Extra Crispy Chicken One and the Same Dish?

No. KFC Original Chicken and KFC Crispy Chicken are two different dishes. Both are served at KFC. They differ in the way they are prepared, their taste, their texture, and even their taste.  

Now before discussing this in detail, let’s first quick discuss what is KFC Original and KFC Extra Crispy.

What is KFC Original?

KFC Original vs Extra Crispy

Those who have been to KFC will know what KFC Original is but those who don’t know, let me quickly guide you here, it is the signature product of KFC, and this iconic recipe was created by none other than Colonel Harland Sanders, in the 1940s.

Colonel Harland has beautifully designed this recipe, and there is no doubt that this recipe of KFC is still winning the heart of customers even after almost 80 years.

This recipe of KFC Original uses a mixture of 11 herbs and some spices, however, the exact recipe is a big secret.

What is KFC Extra Crispy?

Another very famous KFC product, KFC Extra Crispy, just like the name already suggests, it is the type of fried chicken at KFC that is made for those who want to enjoy crispy chicken.

And if I tell you this is my personal favorite fried chicken at KFC, what I have noticed is that KFC Extra crispy has a crispier and crunchier layer than KFC Original.

The fun of eating KFC Extra Crispy is always with sides and dipping sauce.

Factors Differentiating KFC Original and Extra Crispy

Following are the factors in which I can differentiate KFC’s original chicken from the extra crispy version. So, here are the differences between KFC Original and Extra Crispy.

Method of Preparation

The main difference between the original KFC chicken and KFC extra crispy chicken is the way it is prepared. 

If you were to prepare the original KFC chicken you would have to marinate the chicken for a long time and then you would have to slow cook it on a pressure fryer.

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The extra crispy chicken on the other hand needs to be marinated for a relatively shorter period. The extra crispy chicken is then double breaded or coated with bread crumbs or pieces twice,  and then fried at a very high temperature in an open container.

The Texture of the Chicken  

The way these original and crispy chicken are prepared is reflected in their texture. The slow cooking of chicken in the original chicken recipe makes the chicken moist, soft, juicy, and tender on the inside with a delicious but thin crispy layer on the outside. 

I find the extra crispy chicken to be extra crunchy and crispy on the outside as it is fried at a high temperature. The breading used absorbs most of the moistness of the chicken and thereby it is less juicy than the original KFC chicken.   

Taste of the Chicken

Since the original chicken is prepared on a pressure fryer in a slow way with the basic 11 secret KFC herbs and spices, the original chicken has a mild flavor. It won’t overwhelm your tastebuds. Since it is not coated with any breading, it lacks any extra salt or spices, thus giving you a perfectly juicy tasty chicken. 

The extra crispy chicken on the other hand is a little spicier than the original KFC chicken. This is because of the extra seasoning of spices used in the breading process. I even feel it tastes a little saltier than the original KFC chicken.  

Spices Used 

Given that these two chickens taste different and are cooked at different temperatures, the spices used in these recipes are also different. 

The original chicken recipe has a mild use of the spices whereas the extra crispy chicken gets an overload of spices, thus making it more flavorful and spicier of the two chicken dishes.

The Appearance of the Chicken  

You don’t have to scratch your heads to differentiate between the two chickens if served together, as the original chicken and extra crispy chicken look quite different.

The original KFC chicken has a light brown crispy layer and looks more like your regular chicken. 

The extra crispy chicken is a treat to the eyes with its golden and dark brown crunchy coating. Because it is coated with bread twice, it may also not have any missed spots and has a homogeneous coating appearance.

Post Reheating Texture

Sometimes, I get too full and have to store the leftover chicken in a refrigerator. I end up reheating the chicken and I have some interesting observations about it. 

The original KFC chicken after refrigeration and reheating tends to get more dry. It slightly loses the juiciness and moisture. 

The extra-crispy chicken, on the other hand, retains the internal moisture and juiciness of the chicken. This is because the bread coating prevents any loss of moisture. 

Dips and Sauces

Any chicken dish is incomplete without an accompaniment of a dipping sauce. 

As the original KFC chicken and Extra crispy chicken both differ in their taste and texture, they need different sauces for dipping. 

I prefer the following sauces and dressing options for original KFC chicken: barbecue sauce, blue cheese dip, honey mustard, ranch dressing, and buffalo sauce. 

For extra crispy chicken, I would suggest, soy sauce, sriracha – for that extra shot of spice, hoisin sauce. Even mayo and ketchup go very well with extra crispy chicken. 

For the skeptics out there, the creamy texture of mayo and the sweet and tangy ketchup flavor complements the extra crispy and extra spicy taste of the extra crispy chicken. 

Soda Consumption

You have never ordered chicken at KFC without ordering a soda, right? Well, here is an interesting observation: you might find that the original chicken does not affect your soda consumption to a great extent.

However, you will find that the extra crispy chicken will make you want to consume more soda. The reason behind this is the crispy coating will absorb the soda and make the soda seem sweeter to you.  

With that said, you can always skip ordering soda with the extra crispy chicken if you don’t want those extra calories.


Whether you should pick  KFC original chicken or  KFC extra crispy chicken, there is no right choice. Both are delicious in their own way and give a unique satisfying experience. I hope this guide helps you to make a better choice. 

In the mood for an extra crunchy and flavorful experience? Then go for the extra crispy chicken. And if you want the wholesome experience of a juicy chicken there always is KFC original chicken. 

By David McGill

David McGill who is the owner of the American City Diner blog is a big-time foodie, professionally he is a software developer who works at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, Washington. In his free time, he tries different food recipes in his home, and whenever he gets a chance he tries to visit and review restaurants across the state.

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