Eggs are commonly used in fried chicken, but there are some substitutes for eggs in fried chicken that should know about.

Fried chicken is one of the most beloved comfort foods that I even enjoy cooking. But what should one do when you run out of eggs to make the breading? Is there anything you can use from your pantry to complete your recipe? Or maybe you just have developed an allergy to eggs and want to find a replacement?

You can substitute eggs with a mixture of water and flour, applesauce, buttermilk, yogurt, a mixture of cornstarch and water, and mayonnaise. All these substitutes are perfect to create the right breading.  

Want to know how each of them should be used in detail? Read on to learn all about eggs substitute in fried chicken.

Why is Egg Important in Fried Chicken Recipes?

The main distinction that I have found while preparing fried chicken and other chicken recipes is the breading or coating used to give that extra crunch and crispiness to your chicken pieces. 

What using an egg does is, it ensures that all the ingredients are blended perfectly. The presence of egg also makes sure that your chicken stays juicy and moist after frying.

The egg also protects the dairy in the breading material from overcooking while being cooked at a high temperature. Lastly, the egg also gives a fluffy texture to the coating of the fried chicken.

Best Substitutes For Eggs In Fried Chicken

Following are the substitutes for eggs in fried chicken I have used instead of eggs while making crispy fried chicken:

Flour and Water Mixture

Substitutes For Eggs In Fried Chicken

The most simple and effective substitute for eggs while making breading is a flour and water mixture. While picking out the flour you can opt for chickpea flour. If you don’t have chickpea flour you can use any other well-seasoned flour. 

To substitute eggs in the breading prepare a mixture of flour and water in a 1:1 ratio. That is for every portion of water use one portion of flour. Make a thick smooth paste of this mixture. I ensure there are no lumps in the mixture for better results and consistency.

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Using flour and water for coating gives your fried chicken that super crunchy and crispy exterior. 

Since flour and water is a bland mixture it will not impart any different taste to the chicken. You might want to spice it up using some extra spices or sauces.

The nutritious value of this substitute is relatively low as it contains only flour and water.

A word of caution though: Since this mixture lacks fat, do not make the paste too thick, or else it will give an uncooked taste.


Substitutes For Eggs In Fried Chicken

Applesauce is one of the delicious and flavorful egg substitutes for making your fried chicken recipe. Applesauce will give a thick and smooth texture to your breading.

It will also give a hint of fruity and slightly sweet flavor to your breading. 

Applesauce is another substitute that lacks fat. Using applesauce for batter will make your chicken a little chewy. However, it will retain the moisture of your chicken to some extent. 

I use one-fourth cup of applesauce for substituting one egg.

Since applesauce is a puree of apples, it is highly recommended if you are opting for healthier substitutes. 

Make sure though, not to use applesauce which contains sugar. The sugar will end up burning while your chicken is being cooked at a high temperature. 


Substitutes For Eggs In Fried Chicken

Buttermilk is a substitute that can be used to make your coating batter. Since buttermilk is a dairy product it contains fat and protein.  

To use it instead of eggs you must use one-fourth cup of buttermilk for every one egg. However, make sure you keep an eye out for the consistency of the coating, or else it might become too runny. 

Buttermilk will ensure that your chicken stays juicy and moist while cooking while giving it a crispy layer outside.  The outer layer of the chicken however will be less crunchier than the coating which uses other substitutes. 

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The coating paste with buttermilk should be thick and full so that your chicken pieces are covered properly.

Buttermilk is another substitute that will give a bland taste to your coating.  


Yogurt is another dairy substitute that can be used as a substitute for eggs.

Yogurt like other dairy substitutes will give a similar texture to the batter. Since it contains fat, it will ensure to lock in the moisture of your chicken. 

Just like buttermilk, use one-fourth cup of yogurt to substitute one egg. 

Mixing yogurt in the breading material will impart a slightly sour taste to it.  

Make sure you do not make the mistake of using flavored yogurt as it will ruin the taste of your fried chicken. Also, steer clear of any sweetened yogurt as the sugar in it will burn while frying and give a burnt and bitter taste to your crispy chicken. 

Cornstarch and Carbonated Water Mixture

Cornstarch and carbonated water mixture act as a substitute for eggs which will give a smoother and thicker batter.  

You can create a mixture of cornstarch and regular water in a  1:1 ratio. However, since the mixture tends to thicken slightly, you might want to add a dash of carbonated water to loosen it up a bit. 

Make sure the carbonated water is unsweetened.  Using carbonated water will make your batter light and fluffy too. 

The best advantage of using this substitute is that your chicken will be super crunchy on the outside, and soft and moist on the inside.

Health-conscious people might want to avoid cornstarch as it contains high carbohydrate content and offers low nutritious value. 


Mayonnaise is a tricky substitute for eggs. The reason for this is its delicate structure and loose consistency. 

This substitute will give a crunchy coating, but it may not be consistent as some breading material can fall off.  

I use one tablespoon of mayonnaise to substitute one egg. Since it is thick in itself, you might want to loosen it up a bit using some cream or milk. 

Mayonnaise is full of fat and therefore will protect the chicken from getting excessively cooked at a high temperature. 

Mayonnaise will not impart any additional flavor and impact the taste of your fried chicken. 


All the above-mentioned substitutes for the egg while preparing the batter of fried chicken work well. People allergic to eggs can use all these substitutes except mayonnaise which itself contains eggs in it. 

Since most of these substitutes for eggs in fried chicken are present at home, they will help you fix if you ever run out of eggs while making your delicious fried chicken.

By David McGill

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