Wanna know about the best breakfast place in Washington, DC.? Well, you are on the right page today.

In this article, I have shared the best breakfast spots around DC.

We all know how important is breakfast to kickstart our day, and what’s better than having a great breakfast at the best breakfast places in Washington DC?

Washington is a very big city and people travel here from all over the world that’s why there are some best breakfast diners in DC.

Breakfast spots in Washington, DC is suitable for everyone, here you will find different variety of options, from American breakfast to international options, DC has covered it all.

So, what are we waiting for? let’s dig into our guide to the best breakfast diners in Washington, DC.

The Best Breakfast Diner in Washington, DC

Ted’s Bulletin

I have visited Ted’s Bulletin several times and I must say that if you are looking for a good breakfast in DC then Ted’s Bulletin should be in your bucket list.

Ted’s Bulletin is a very famous chain in DC for various reasons. One of the reasons why I keep visiting Ted’s Bulletin is their famous homemade pop tarts, so anyone who is visiting this place, I highly suggest you give their pop tarts a try. c

Along with that, you will find varieties of breakfast options on their menu, they have all classic American breakfast dishes such as Pancakes, Egg Toast, French toast, etc.

You can also try the milkshake at Ted’s Bulletin, it is personally one of my favorite spots for milkshakes in Washington DC.

The food quality is A1, and the taste is also quite decent, even the ingredients they use are of very high quality.

Now talking about the atmosphere of Ted’s bulletin then I have to admit, it is very welcoming and fresh. If you want to give a kick start to your day with an amazing breakfast at an amazing and welcoming diner, Ted’s Bulletin is definitely worth a visit.

A Baked Joint

A Baked Joint has a variety of breakfast options, whenever I go there I always try their classic breakfast dishes.

You can try Biscuits and Gravy, biscuits are freshly baked and covered with rich sausage gravy, another breakfast option that you can try there is The Eggs Benedict.

They have a selection of toasts, so if you want to have a light breakfast then you can choose from their toast menu. You can try their Ricotta Toast which is topped with honey and fruit.

Don’t worry if you are vegan, there are a variety of vegan breakfast options at A Baked Joint. One of my favorite dishes from their vegan breakfast menu is Vegan Breakfast Burrito which is made using Tofu, avocado, and black beans.

Want to complete your assignment or any official work while having your delicious breakfast? well, at A Baked Joint, you can use their free Wi-fi to do so.

Overall, A Baked Joint is an amazing breakfast diner in Washington, DC.

Tony’s Breakfast

Tony’s Breakfast is family owned business and they are serving the community for over 50 years.

You will find a wide range of breakfast options at Tony’s Breakfast, you can get classic American breakfast such as pancakes, toast, french toast, etc.

At Tony’s Breakfast, you will also have the option of trying international breakfast such as a Greek breakfast platter.

It is also the best affordable breakfast spot in DC which makes it the number 1 choice for budget concious travelers and locals.

Tony’s Breakfast is also near the Smithsonian museums and National Mall which is the number 1 attraction for visitors, so if you are also a visitor, and want to kick start your day with an amazing breakfast before sightseeing then Tony’s Breakfast is the place for you.

Kafe Leopold

There are several reasons why Kafe Leopold is also the best breakfast place in Washington. The very first reason is the vibe of this place, the cafe has a very cozy and European ambiance, which makes your day start in a very positive way.

They have indoor and outdoor seating options, according to your mood and comfort, you can choose your seating preference and start your day while having your breakfast.

Kafe Leopold also has a wide range of breakfast dishes, you can choose from normal classic American breakfast such as eggs and bacon to other options such as Leopold Benedict.

For all the vegetarians out there, you can try their avocado toast, they make it really good.

Furthermore, Kafe Leopold is situated in the heart of Georgetown, so before exploring the amazing neighborhood, you can have your breakfast at this place to kick-start your day.

Also, the European Austrian vibe of this place makes you feel like you are sitting in some Austrian diner.

Overall, the place is really good to enjoy your breakfast or brunch.

Crazy Aunt Helen

Wanna know about the hidden breakfast place gem? well, Crazy Aunt Helen is literally the hidden gem in DC to have a delicious breakfast.

I mean literally whenever I visit Crazy Aunt Helen, I always try their fluffy pancakes and perfectly cooked eggs to start my day.

Even their mouth-watering hash browns and bacon are also very good, and highly recommended to try if you are visiting this place.

The atmosphere at Crazy Aunt Helen is something that you will definitely love, it is welcoming, relaxing, and chill.

You can enjoy your breakfast and you will feel like you are sitting at your home, this place is that comfortable.

However, the only downside of this place is that breakfast is served there on the weekends. So, if it is the weekend and you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast served by Crazy Aunt Helen then you should definitely visit this place.

Unconventional Diner

Best Breakfast Place in Washington

Unconventional Diner is by far the best place in Washington, DC, if you want to enjoy some crazy toasts, especially their French toast.

And my personal favorite Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes, damn they are one of the best pancakes in DC.

However, this place is mostly famous for its traditional breakfast options that are served and prepared in a unique way.

If you are visiting this place then must try their famous “everything” bagel, and their mouth-watering breakfast waffles and sandwiches.

My dining experience at Unconventional Diner is always been very great, the overall ambiance is really nice and modern, and they have an open kitchen, so you can watch chefs preparing your order right in front of your eyes.

Here the brunch is served till 4 PM, so make sure that you are reaching the place before the mentioned time.

Overall, I would say this place is really nice and undoubtedly one of the best breakfast places in Washington.

Call Your Mother

Best Breakfast Place in Washington

Do you love quirky atmospheres? if yes, then you definitely gonna love “Call Your Mother”, it is an amazing breakfast diner in DC that is famous for its bagel.

If you are going there then try their bagel, highly recommended, whenever I go there, I always grab my hands on their bagel, they are so crispy from the outside and soft, chew from the inside, you will just love it.

They have endless sandwich options ranging from classic lox to a more unique option “Sloppy Ross”, you can try their inside-out tuna melt sandwich, it is by far my favorite sandwich at Call Your Mother.

Another positive thing about this diner is its staff, they are very polite and welcoming.

Overall, this place is like heaven for bagel lovers but not limited to that, their breakfast sandwiches and lunch items are equally good and delicious.

Busboys and Poets

Best Breakfast Place in Washington

Out of all the breakfast diners I discussed above, Busboys and Poets are way more unique than all, this diner is a community gathering place, and those who are into art, activism, etc you will love this place.

Busboys and Poets also host several events like poetry reading, open mic, film screenings, etc, this happening place can be the best spot to kick start your day.

They have diversified their breakfast options, from classic American breakfasts like pancakes, toast, etc to international options like Shakshuka which is a famous breakfast dish of Middle east countries, they have it all.

If you are an office worker or a student, then you can sit and enjoy free Wi-fi to complete your remaining task while enjoying your delicious breakfast as Busboys and Poets.

Overall, this diner is amazing, not only because they have diverse breakfast options but because of their commitment to activism and social justice.


Best Breakfast Place in Washington

Situated at the heart of Logan Circle, Commissary is another amazing place to enjoy your breakfast.

There are a couple of reasons why this place should be in your top breakfast spots in DC, the very first reason is the vibe of this place, this diner has a cozy vibe that is more than perfect to kick start your day.

You can enjoy your breakfast at this place, they have wide breakfast options available like pancakes, omelets, avocado toast, etc. If you are a vegan, they have plenty of options available, in vegan options, my favorite at Commissary is the vegan Breakfast Burrito and the Tofu Scramble.

Commissary is a very environment-friendly restaurant, they use organic ingredients as much as possible.

And since this place is located at the heart of Logan Circle, visitors can quickly grab their breakfast from the commissary and explore the vibrant neighborhood.


There is no doubt that DC has some of the best breakfast diners, and all the breakfast spots I discussed above are based on reviews online and my personal experience.

If you also know any best breakfast places in Washington DC then do let us know, drop your valuable comment below, and we will try to list that place in our list of best breakfast diners in Washington DC.

Till then keep visiting AmericanCityDiner for more such guides.

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