There are so many good Desserts In Portland for all dessert lovers, so wanna find out all those hidden dessert places in Portland? well, keep reading this article to know.

Situated on the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States of America, Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon. While known for its unique culture and beautiful green spaces ranging from parks to scenic mountaintops, this ‘City of Roses’ is also known for its food scene. And who can miss desserts when we are talking about food? 

Portland houses some unique shops and outlets offering special and delicious desserts. Voodoo Doughnut, Blue Star Donuts, Salt and Straw, Mother’s Bistro and Bar, Papa Haydn, Kinnamon’s, Nuvrei, Fifty Licks, Laureta Jean’s, and Eb and Bean, are some to name a few.

Are you curious to read more about the scrumptious offerings these top dessert places in Portland, Oregon, have to offer? Keep reading to learn more…

Top Dessert Places In Portland

So, here is the list of the best Desserts in Portland.

Desserts In Portland

1. Voodoo Doughnut

Starting the journey with the good old donuts, your first stop is Voodoo Doughnuts. Voodoo Doughnuts was founded in Portland, Oregon in the year 2003. This place is a delight for dessert lovers not only for the variety of delicious options available in donuts, but also for other original unique desserts like the Cannonola, Bacon Maple Bar, and Memphis Mafia. This dessert place also provides 25 vegan dessert options. 

This donut special dessert place now is available at multiple locations like Old Town and Davis. You might want to note that it does not provide any options for dining in. 

Another thing you might want to remember is to mention any food allergies you might have while placing an order here as some of the products contain nuts, dairy, and eggs. 

2. Blue Star Donuts

While we are on the topic of donuts, Blue Star Donuts is a delight for gourmet donuts. Started in 2012, Blue Star Donuts uses a blend of unique ingredients like spices, fruits, liquors, and herbs to make unusual and novel donut recipes.

Although I recommend you try the richly-flavored old-fashioned donuts, you must also try the famous soft brioche pastry. Adults can also try the popular blueberry bourbon basil donut which contains a little bit of local bourbon for that rich caramel taste. 

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Blue Star Donuts provides a facility to enjoy a dine-in experience. Alternatively, it also has a kerbside pick-up option.  While the flagship outlet is present at SW Jefferson St. Blue Star Donuts is across multiple locations including Southeast Division and a kiosk at the Portland International Airport

3. Salt and Straw

How can we miss ice cream if we are talking about desserts? Salt and Straw originated in Portland and today it provides nationwide deliveries from their more than 20 outlets across the nation. They are famously known for their unique ice creams made from local ingredients. 

Salt and Straw also has new flavors being released every month if you are someone who loves to try out new flavors. They also keep on rotating some of their seasonal flavors which are truly exceptional. 

With multiple outlets across Portland like the ones at Southeast Division and NW 23rd Avenue, it provides dining-in facilities along with pick-up and delivery options. 

For someone who wants vegan or dairy-free options, Salt and Straw provide delicious flavors like Marionberry Coconut Sherbet and Peanut Butter Brittle Caramel Fudge.

4. Mother’s Bistro and Bar

With a beautiful ambiance for dining-in, complete with chandeliers and gorgeous country-side decor, Mother’s Bistro and Bar offers some of the most scrumptious desserts. 

Known for providing what is known as comfort food desserts, this place uses fresh local fruits, and high-quality dairy to whip up delicious desserts like cakes and sundaes.

 I recommend you must try out The Cheesecake of the Moment and The Banana Cream Pie. Also while there, do not miss out on the popular chocolate cake, and a freshly made waffle of your choice. 

Mother’s Bistro and bar also happens to provide kerbside pickup,  delivery options, and valet parking facilities.  

5. Papa Haydn

With two outlets in Portland one on NW 23rd Avenue and the other on SE Milwaukie Avenue, Papa Haydn started its journey in 1978 when a young married couple decided to open a small cafe. Papa Haydn provides a lot of mouth-watering desserts like the Triple Chocolate Cake, Mt. Adams Cake  (a delicious hazelnut and coconut cake), and Cherry Frost(a vegan, red-wine brushed chocolate cake). 

Papa Haydn also provides miniature desserts like cupcakes, brownies, miniature tarts, and cookies for those watching out for their calorie intake. They also include slices of huckleberry compote, lemon chiffon, and fluffy and smooth hazelnut-coconut cake. 

If you never want to go wrong when it comes to satisfying your taste buds and having a delightful experience, I recommend the triple chocolate cake. Layered with smooth silky milk and dark chocolate ganache, and soaked in caramel, this dessert is a worthwhile experience. 

6. Kinnamon’s

This bakery by a restaurateur and Portland-born NFL player is famous for offering its cinnamon rolls with house-made custom fillings, and fresh fruit.

 This bakery situated at NW Johnson St even offers an interesting combination of flavors for cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls on the menu provide options like raspberry pistachio, strawberry lemon curd, maple bacon, coconut key lime pie, blueberry crumble,  cookies and cream, and the classic cheese cream. 

This place does not provide a facility to dine in. However, you can always opt for a takeaway or an online delivery. 

7. Nuvrei

Another bakery on this list, but with dining-in provisions is  Nuvrei. Located on NW 10th Avenue Nuvrei provides authentic French desserts like Canele and traditional French macarons. 

If you want to try out any dessert breakfast options, I highly recommend you go for the blueberry cornmeal muffins. 

While this place offers delicious French pastries, it is also popular for its coffee. 

If not dining in, you can always have the option for takeaway or getting these macarons delivered to your place. 

8. Fifty Licks

Fifty Licks is an ice cream shop with the mission to make ice cream from scratch. The people at Fifty Licks use fresh local ingredients along with a lot of cage-free egg yolks for a uniquely rich texture.

The flavors provided on the menu include blood orange creamsicle, chocolate af, lavender salted caramel, vanilla af, strawberry cheesecake, and matcha mochi to name a few. 

They even provide vegan options like, bananas foster, chocolate coconut caramel, mango sticky rice, and mocha mud pie.

With three locations at SE Clinton Street, E Burnside St. , and NW 21st Avenue these outlets only provide options for takeout and online delivery. 

For a flavorful experience, you can always go for a double scoop of chocolate ice cream and mocha mud pie if you are opting for non-dairy.  

9. Lauretta Jean’s

If you are craving some delicious pies made from scratch, this bakery serves a variety of scrumptious pies. Some of these are chocolate cream, rhubarb raspberry sour cream, salted honey, raspberry rhubarb, chocolate chess, chocolate honeycomb, key lime, blueberry victoria, coconut cream, and chocolate honey peanut. 

I especially recommend trying out their chocolate chess and salted honey variants. 

Along with pies, Lauretta Jean’s, which started in 2011, also offers morning pastries, cookies, cream puffs, cinnamon rolls, and scones. 

Located on Southeast Division Street, Lauretta Jean’s provides options for dining in and takeaway. Although online option delivery is not available for now. 

10. Eb and Bean

Last on the list and not to miss any favorite dessert type is frozen yogurt. Eb and Bean make both dairy and vegan frozen yogurt. The yogurts are also more delectable because of the amazing variety of sauces and toppings. 

Some of these yogurts are seasonal. The one that I really liked was Valrhona Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnut toppings. You can try out Vanilla Bean, Honey Apricot Creme, and Brown Sugar Milk Tea from the dairy yogurts. 

If you are vegan, you might want to try out chocolate hazelnut pudding, raspberry vanilla rose, and vanilla roasted macadamia. The milk used for preparing vegan frozen yogurt is either almond milk or coconut milk. 

I also recommend trying out the strawberry rhubarb and hot fudge sauces on your helping of frozen yogurt. 

With three outlets, one at Northeast Broadway, another one at Southeast Division, and the last one at Northwest 21st Avenue, all providing facilities for in-store dining, pickup, and online delivery, you can be sure to get your hands on some of this delicious frozen yogurt. 


Be it ice cream, cupcakes, rich pastries, cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls, or even the rare French macarons, Portland is home to all your sweet-tooth cravings. 

While you can enjoy most of them from the comfort of your home, some, give you the pleasure of dining in. With this list of some of the popular haunts by dessert lovers, you will find the right dessert as per your mood and need. 

Do let us know what do you think about our list of best desserts in Portland, and also don’t forget to comment down your favorite dessert place in Portland.

By Aditya Verma

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